Use your hidden skills to help Maxou in this all-new mobile game.

Evigshed ’s  mobile swiped-game Hungry Maxou for iOS iPhone and iPod Touch is available now.

The game is not just about getting food for the little hedgehog or protect its treasure, it is about challenging yourself  and see if you can unlock all levels under pressure. Test your endurance and reaction and ability to multi-task.  Swipe to move and  to help Maxou around the screen.

A countdown clock adds time pressure. Dexterity and speed are required to collect the supplies such as fruits, candies, cakes, butterflies … but watch out for snakes. On higher difficulty levels, help Maxou  and his friends to protect his treasure.  Slip into the skin of  the infamous Souris Sweeter to protect the treasure of Maxou and his friends on higher difficulty levels.

With 100 levels and free updates coming up, the game will keep you entertained for hours with sound and addictive gameplay. It is a new challenge game to test your endurance for all ages.

Evigshed Hungry Maxou Features are as follows

  • 100 unique levels
  • Easy game controls and Gameplay
  • Collect food under pressure.

Published by Evigshed inc,  Hungry Maxou is available on iOS  iPhone/iPod Touch on the App Store and 100 Achievements for players to collect. For more information, follow evigshed on twitter or visit